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Your views make a massive difference to the future of the Cairngorms National Park. We're grateful to over 500 of you for taking part in the consultation so far. From climate change to affordable housing, you told us the topics that mattered most to you and we've pulled them together into a draft plan, laid out across three themes of Nature, People and Place.

Between now and the middle of December, we're looking for YOUR help in charting the path ahead. Whether you've commented before or this is your first visit, we want to hear from as many of you as possible to help turn this draft into a reality. What's YOUR vision for the future of the Cairngorms?

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Draft plan + formal consultation period

23 Sep 2021 • In Progress

Based on audience feedback, a draft plan is produced and made available for formal consultation.

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Public views sought as formal consultation phase for fourth Cairngorms National Park Partnership Plan is launched

The Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) has launched the formal consultation phase for the next Cairngorms National Park Partnership Plan. The draft plan draws on extensive public feedback received since June and sets out how all those with a responsibility for the National Park will co-ordinate their work to tackle the most important issues, setting a framework for all the public bodies delivering relevant functions in the Cairngorms National Park. This will be the fourth Partnership Plan since the National Park was established in 2003. Over the summer, the CNPA gave people the opportunity to help shape a draft Partnership Plan. Anyone with an interest was able to take part in answering a series of questions, including via a dedicated Cairngorms Views website and by using interactive mapping tools, where participants could ‘drop a pin’ where they considered an issue needed addressing and leave comments. More than 500 responses were gathered, highlighting the public’s views on a range of topics critical to the future of the Cairngorms National Park. Key themes included tackling the climate emergency, improved public transport and walking / cycling routes, affordable housing, looking after the needs of the local workforce, tree planting and peatland restoration, and managing the impacts of increasing visitor numbers. A remarkable 92% of respondents said it was either important or very important that action was taken to tackle climate change, whilst 89% agreed or strongly agreed that local communities have an important part to play in shaping the future of the Cairngorms National Park. Around half of respondents (48%) were optimistic about the future, with just over a quarter (27%) pessimistic. Xander McDade, Convener of the CNPA Board , said: "We’re very pleased with the great response we’ve had so far and I would like to thank all those who have already responded their thoughts to help shape the draft plan. There has been a wide range of opinions expressed, but there have also been a number of recurring themes such as affordable housing, better transport and improving conservation within the Park to help combat our biodiversity crisis. “I feel that the draft National Park Partnership Plan is probably our most ambitious to date and has been shaped not just by public sector and third sector partners, but by local businesses and the people who live and work here. “It is vitally important that everyone who calls the National Park home, or enjoys the Cairngorms for recreation or works here, gets involved in this consultation so that it reflects the future we all aspire to and is truly a Park for All.” The Scottish Government's Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity, Lorna Slater MSP , said: “Urgent action is needed to tackle the climate and nature crisis. We must work together – individuals, communities, and businesses – to deliver transformative change. National Parks are a vital part of this effort. “I urge all who care about the people, communities and natural environment of the Cairngorms National Park to share their voices through the channels offered within the this public consultation to shape a meaningful plan for the future of the Park.” The formal consultation process for the fourth Cairngorms National Park Partnership Plan started today (Thursday 23 September) and will run for 12 weeks to the 17 December 2021. Responses will be gathered through a number of different physical events and digital platforms including the dedicated Cairngorms Views website and interactive mapping tools. Following that, a consultation report will be produced in the New Year that sets out all the key feedback, which will inform any changes to the plan before it is approved by the Park Authority Board and submitted to Scottish Ministers in June 2022 for final sign off. To find out more and to give your views, please visit the Nature , People and Place sections of the consultation website.

Posted on 23rd September 2021

by Olly Davies, Head of Communications

Map your views on future of the Cairngorms National Park

In a final push to gather as much information and opinion as possible for the next Cairngorms National Park Partnership Plan, the Cairngorms National Park Authority has launched an interactive map, where people can highlight areas of interest or concern by ‘dropping a pin’. The main consultation on the National Park’s fourth Partnership Plan will begin later this month, but officers at the Park Authority have been giving people an early opportunity to help shape the draft document by getting involved in the conversation over the summer, including via the dedicated Cairngorms Views website you're currently visiting. Whilst the core consultation questions will remain online for a few more weeks, this new mapping tool will enable people to leave more specific comments in less than five minutes by pin-pointing on a map the issues or projects that are important to them, their families and their communities. The Cairngorms National Park Partnership Plan is the central document that directs and focuses the work of all those organisations operating in the National Park over the next five years. The Partnership Plan will run from 2022 to 2027. Much has changed across the country since the Park Authority consulted people on the previous Park Plan, with the climate emergency and biodiversity crises coming to the fore, COP26 in Glasgow on the horizon, and the world emerging from the grip of a global pandemic. These significant events alongside tackling local issues will make for an ambitious new National Park Partnership Plan and the Park Authority is keen to hear from a wide range of people about the various issues they care about. The initial warm-up exercises that have been carried out over the summer have gathered a great deal of knowledge so far to help develop a draft Partnership Plan for consultation, which will get underway later this month. Using the new mapping tool is extremely easy, with a small number of multiple choice questions and space for people to write as much or as little as they want on the issues that matter to them. Users simply click on the map at the place they wish to comment on and type in a few sentences highlighting the issue or concern. People are able to drop a virtual pin in any area of the map, be that a visitor spot, road or village and they can view what other people have been saying by scanning the map to see other pins and find out what the main topics are. To view existing comments and to add your own views to the map, visit our dedicated mapping webpage .

Posted on 3rd September 2021

by Olly Davies, Head of Communications

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