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Your feedback helped revise the Park Plan’s people objectives.

In our last update we mentioned that a final draft of the National Park Partnership Plan had been published, which incorporated a range of suggestions that you sent in to us via email, post, the interactive map and here on this web site last year.

In the people section of the Park Plan, you asked for more detail on green skills and training opportunities, linked to changing land management practices. You also highlighted the need for identifying targeted support for a range of under-represented groups. In addition, many of you said we needed to celebrate the Cairngorms’ rich cultural heritage alongside the National Park's Gaelic language commitments.

The infographic above shows some of the changes that were made to the people section of the Park Plan because of the feedback you provided.

Stay tuned for more Park Plan updates in the coming weeks!

You might also be interested to have a look at some of the Heritage Horizons: Cairngorms 2030 projects that relate to many of the objectives in the Park Plan and you can watch our latest film here too.

Posted on 11th July 2022

by Joanna Hampson